Enterprise Education, helping to build tomorrow’s entrepreneurs

Enterprise EducationWhether you are looking to start your own business or improve your chances of being employed, in today’s digital world, everyone is looking to succeed. At Rocketeer Enterprise we work with learning providers and business owners in order to help educate and support individuals, giving them a competitive edge.

After which learners can become successful intrapreneurs, working within a business and helping to drive growth or they can take the next step and become successful entrepreneurs and build their own business empire.

We achieve this via a collection of courses, programmes and workshops which can be delivered online or offline. They provide learners with a broad knowledge base of how to build or work in a successful business utilising current technologies.

Our educational programmes walk learners through the planning stages of starting their own business and the steps they will need to take to get it off the ground by using modern technologies to gain a competitive advantage.

Quality of our content

QualityWe work closely with our delivery partners to ensure all of our courses and programmes are up to date, to help learners improve their chances of success. Whether becoming an intrapreneur who understands the needs of a business from the inside or an entrepreneur starting out on their own, our courses help learners navigate through the digital revolution and improve their chances of excelling in whichever path they decide to take.


Ioee Recognised ProgrammeAll of our courses and programmes are independently certified by the Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs and they can be accessed via our interactive online platform allowing learners to study at a time and place of their choosing. The bite-sized modules are designed to allow study at different paces and there is no time limit for course completion.

Next Steps

We have a flexible licensing structure which allows access to online, offline or a mixture of our resources. On top of this we can tailor on-location workshops and training to meet your needs. Please contact us in order to discuss your requirements.